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‘The human body is more than 60 percent water. Blood is 92 percent, the brain and muscles 75, and bones are about 22 percent water’.

- Our mission is to make you feel vibrant and healthy through purified water -
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A water purifier from Vibrant Water will give you clean pure water and add back all of the natural organic minerals your body needs.

A water softener from Vibrant Water will look after your hair and skin while making your appliances and pipework last longer, work better and cost less to run. You will also see a reduction in cleaning time and products.
As an installer we are not bound to promote any one manufacturer. We recommend the best products for you and charge you less than the retail price, plus a competitive install rate.
We offer great savings for multiple purchases and discounts on future orders.
  • 20% off - Buy a water softener and purifier together and receive 20% off the cheapest one.
  • 10% off - Buy a water softener or purifier and receive 10% off an additional plumbing service.
  • 50% off - Buy any ‘additional plumbing service’ and receive 50% off all of the rest.
  • 5% off - Buy refills when booking your instal and receive 5% off each refill.
  • 5% off - Order on-line and receive 5% off your order.

    Use all five discounts in one order.

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