ECOSoft Reverse Osmosis

ECOSoft Reverse Osmosis 5-Stage RO System
Pumped and non pumped systems

Fully installed with a six month filter supply and tap £395. No hidden costs and a two year installation warranty.
Tap upgrades available and essential for marble and other stone worktops. Don't forget we offer massive savings when you buy additional products from us.

The Ecosoft RO is a good water filter system, slightly less robust and user friendly than the Pure Pro and without a five year product and install warranty, but still a good buy.

The model we install is a five stage system. Four stages of initial filtration which lead to a storage tank allows for steady flow rates. When you turn the tap on water comes from the tank into a fifth filter for its final cleanse.
Depending on the water pressure at your home a small electric pump may also be installed.

We highly recommend adding an alkaline filter that restores beneficial minerals and increases the ph level to between 8.0 and 9.5. Click here for more details.

The Ecosoft pumped Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System provides pure refreshing water on tap. The water passes through a pre-filter which takes out particles larger than 5 micron. A carbon filter then removes chlorine, cysts and trace organics before passing through a 1 micron filter. The water is then forced through a 0.001 micron membrane thus creating the finest filtration. This flushes away any impurities and allows only the purest of water through to the pressurised holding tank. When the tap is opened filtered water is passed through a post carbon filter before consumption.
ECO soft 2ECO soft 1

5 Stages of Filtration

Stage 1 - 5 Micron Sediment Filter. Effective in removing dirt, rust and sand particles.
Recommend changing every 6 months.

Stage 2 - Granular Activated Carbon Filter a.

Stage 3 - Granular Activated Carbon Filter b. Takes out 99% of the chlorine and organic chemicals, provides enhanced reduction of bad tastes, odours, and colour.
Recommend changing every 6 months.

Stage 4 - Reverse Osmosis. A membrane using osmotic pressure and the natural chemistry of water is used to remove impurities. It removes the following hard water contaminants: lead, copper, barium, chromium, mercury, sodium, cadmium, fluoride, nitrite, and selenium.
Reverse Osmosis is used by many bottled water companies to make their water safe.
Recommend changing every 2 years.

Stage 5 - Post Carbon filter. Removes bad tastes and odours.
Recommend changing every 12 months

NOT SUPPLIED. Stage 6 - Although not supplied with the ‘ECOSoft’ we highly recommend adding an alkaline filter to your installation or purchasing the ‘Pure-Pro Quick Change’ which comes with an alkaline filter as standard.

Maximise savings by ordering a two year replacement pack when making your initial order.
ECOsoft two year replacement pack
Tap Options
The system comes with a single tap as standard. You can upgrade your tap to a high quality three way tap that combines your hot, cold and purified water into a single, stylish, high quality tap.
If you have a marble, granite or other solid kitchen worktop, then you need a 3 Way Tap as we will not drill through these materials.  
Just let us know your set up when ordering and we will send you some suitable taps to look at if you don't want the single tap similar to the one pictured below.

Eco soft tap

Some of our three way taps

tap selection

(cm) 35 (L) x 45(H) x 15 (W) - system
(cm) 41 (L) x 27(W) tank

1 year guarantee

Filtration Specifications before alkaline remineralization
ION     Removal(%)
Calcium      93-98
Sodium      92-98
Magnesium     93-98
Potassium     92-96
Manganese     96-98
Iron     96-98
Aluminium     96-98
Copper     96-98
Nickel     96-98
Cadmium     93-97
Silver     93-96
Zinc     96-98
Mercury     94-97
Chloride     92-95
Ammonium     80-90
Bromide     90-95
Phosphate     95-98
Cyanide     85-98
Sulfate     96-98
Thiosulfate     96-98
Silicate     92-95
Nitrate     90-95
Borate     30-50
Fluoride     92-95
Chromate     85-95
Lead     95-98
Hardness: Calcium & Magnesium     93-97
Radioactivity     93-97
Polyphosphate     96-98
Orthophosphate     96-98
Silica     80-90
Boron     50-70

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