Our recommended whole house system

Whole house filtration

Whole house filtration will filter all of your drinking, bathing, showering and gardening water. It will also protect and prolong the life of your appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, taps and so on). In hard water areas we suggest that you include a water softener as most whole house filtration systems only remove 50% of the limescale. Note that they do not remove all of the impurities that a good at the tap purifier will, but an alkaline remineraliser can be added before any drinking water tap.

If you are in a hard water area and on a tight budget we would suggest a water softener and an at the tap purifier instead of a whole house filtration system.
If you can afford all three then obviously there are greater health benefits for you, your home and garden. It is best to talk with us first so that we can maximise your set up to get the maximum use out of your filters.

Pro III Whole house water filter system. Installed £700. One of the best domestic systems on the market with a sensible price tag.

✓ Ideal for small/medium or large homes with pipework up to 1” diameter and flow rates up to 40 litres per minute.
✓ Drink semi-filtered water from any tap throughout the house and make the reverse osmosis system at your main drinking water tap last longer.
✓ Provides softer, non-scaling water for kitchen and bathrooms. De-chlorinated water which is less aggressive on skin and hair in the shower - perfect for eczema and psoriasis sufferers.
✓ Produces pH enhanced water with minerals and increased alkalinity. Increases anti-oxidants in the water too.
✓ No ongoing maintenance or need to backwash. Simply replace filters as needed.

The Pro III removes a wide range of water impurities to average minimum of 85% and also removes unpleasant tastes and odour in the water supply. The Pro III consists of three separate filters to enable greater flexibility and save space at install (e.g. around corners)

osmio pro iii whole house water filter system

Filter 1
Pleated Cartridge: Removes suspended solids and particles to 5 micron. Typically lasts between 6 and 18 months depending on the level of sediment in the water.

Filter 2
Active Ceramics: Removes a wide range of water impurities to average minimum of 85% including chlorine, hormones, fluoride, lead, E-coli, Pseudomonas and other microorganisms. Adds antioxidants and minerals back into the water after filtering and additionally makes water more alkaline by raising the pH value, usually increasing the pH to around 0.5 (however this could be more or less depending on a number of specific variables including the presence of certain dissolved solids and gases).
3 year filter life or 300,000 litre capacity, may vary depending on water hardness and local water quality.

Filter 3
Carbon Block 5 Micron: Reduces chlorine, volatile organic chemicals and nasty tastes and odours.
With a high dirt holding capacity and virtually zero pressure drop.
Typically lasts 6 to 12 months or 46,000 litres depending on usage.

An active ceramics filter can be used to fertilise your garden and the plastic housing can be recycled after use.
WRAS approved.


Pro III. Whole house water filter


Bad Taste & Odour












Can be fitted under the sink

Ideal for small houses and flats

Can be installed outside the property

Uses electricity

* Refers to 50% inhibition of limescale formation.

NB - please note that the ticks in some cases do not necessarily represent 100% reduction as this is largely dependent on incoming water quality, but can mean exactly this and an average minimum of 85% unless otherwise stated.  Filter change frequency can also vary depending on the nature and quality of water used for purification.

Housing Specifications:
Straight thread design on sump EPDM O-ring
Max Pressure: 90 psi (6.3 bar)
Max Temperature: 51ºC
Service Flow Rate: up to 35 GPM (US) @ 60 psi
Inlet/Outlet: 1"
Housing Options: Pressure Relief

Each Housing has the following dimensions (there are three housings in total)
Height: 356mm
Width: 184mm

Cap : Polypropylene
Sump: Styrene Acrylonitrile
Button Assembly 300 series stainless steel, EPDM, Polypropylene
O-Ring: EPDM

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