Booking & Install

On ordering, either by phone or online we will size your system using information provided by you, such as your postcode, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, if you are on the mains or have a private water supply.
We will then provide you your quote using the prices and discounts advertised on our website and if you would like to continue we will set your install date and take payment.

On arrival our engineer will test and record your standing water pressure and flow rates at affected taps, conduct a hardness test and leave you a free hardness test kit so you can check your water's hardness in the future. If the engineer deems the product to be the wrong size he will inform you and either install a larger or smaller system.

If it is a smaller system (this is mainly due to the existing pipe size in your property) you will be sent a partial refund.
If it is a larger system you can either cancel the whole installation there and then at no cost to yourself with a full refund, or you can pay for the upgrade directly to our engineer using a credit or debit card.

For most households the install of a water softener or purifier will be complete within three hours, and if you have ordered multiple products and additional services expect us to be there for the day.

With all of our domestic installs we aim to install and commission the product on our first visit. In rare circumstances of frozen stopcocks, limited access and running long lengths of new pipe, we may need to return with extra equipment such as pipe freezing gas or to contact the water board incase of faults we are not legally allowed to fix. These are very rare and in all cases we will leave your plumbing in a better state than we found it.

If your supply pressure is higher than 6 bar which is very unlikely you will need a pressure reducing valve (PRV). Our standard price for this is £90 or £45 when installed with other additional services. If installing with a water softener or purifier we’ll give you a further 10% off all additional services such as a PRV.
Please see Additional products & services  > Additional services > Pressure reducing valve
for further details.

To order by phone and loose your 5% on-line discount call 01273 569059. If no one is there please leave us a message and we’ll call you back.

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We aim to answer all enquiries within 24 hours.

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