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Liquid Polyphosphates refills

Refills for the MiniDue come in 4x 250g or 1000g pouches that clip onto the system, making refills quick and hygienic. The 1000g pouch is bulkier and takes up more space while the 250g pouches need changing more often. The prices are the same. If you don't specify which one you want when ordering we will send you four 250g pouchs.

A 1000g will provide softening to 44,000 litres of water. The average person uses 150 litres a day so one pouch will last 290 days per person. If you live in a newer property (which are designed to be more water efficient) or, you are conscious of your water use and take showers instead of baths, we estimate that one pouch could easily last a year.
You can visually see when the refill is needed. The manufacture seems to be going from strength to strength so there is no reason why finding refills for years to come would be a problem.

Compatible with the 15mm (1/2") and the 22mm (3/4") models.

Buy your refills when ordering your install and save an additional 5% on the prices below

One 1000g refill pack £32

Two 1000g refill pack £61.54

Three 1000g refill pack £88.98

Four 1000g refill pack £114.29

Five 1000g refill pack £142.61

Aquarefill box pouches

An additional £6 will be added for postage on orders under £90. Shipment generally takes 3 to 5 working days

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