Zinc sacrificial anode

S15 fully installed and guaranteed for five years Contact us for price
S20 fully installed and guaranteed for five years Contact us for price

✓ The Aquabion system is based on patented technology proven to help reduce existing limescale build up and prevent the formation of new limescale.
✓ It needs no electricity, no salt and has no moving parts.
✓ Water that has been treated by an Aquabion water conditioner is perfectly drinkable and still includes all the essential minerals that naturally occur.
✓ Guaranteed to reduce limescale build-up for 5 years. Suggested to replace every 7 years.
✓ No running or operation costs.

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The Aquabion has been independently tested and proven to reduce limescale in water systems, saving up to 55% of energy costs. Payback can be very fast, due to the wide spectrum of savings in household chemicals, water heating as well as ensuring that your appliances last longer. It has approved safe for drinking water by the German authorities and by the WRAS here in the UK

As the Aquabion is a conditioner and not a softener you may find a harmless soft scale residue left on work surfaces and in bathrooms. This is totally harmless, does not stick like hard scale and wipes off in seconds.

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The S15 model will treat up to 400 litres an hour
The S20 model will treat up to 1500 litres an hour
Larger commercial models are available

Most domestic properties only need one S15. Some heating systems running separate circuits may need two but this is fairly rare.

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